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Metrix Cyberpunk Playmat

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Inspiration Behind the Mat

When we first set out to find a name find a name for the Midtown Merchant, we dived into the depths of the lore on the Flesh and Blood website. We always loved the cyberpunk style of the mechanologist class and the world of Metrix. While reading about the world of Metrix on, the area of the Midtown Markets that really jumped out to us. The Midtown Markets are, "Nestled in the remains of a worn-out strip mine in the centre of the city".

I always pictured our small shop snug in the middle of the hustle of a large city. Nearly 6 months later, we started working with Dave to develop our own imagery and artwork for the store. After working on the illustration you all see on our homepage, we collaborated on creating a playmat inspired by the lore of Metrix and cyberpunk themes. I told Dave to go H.A.M on the illustration and he did not disappoint. He has absolutely killed it with this illustration and we are super proud to develop it into a playmat and share it with you all. 

Midtown Markets
A place where anything and everything can be found for the right price. Nestled in the remains of a worn-out strip mine in the centre of the city, the Midtown Markets are notorious not only for its wares, but for the amount of crime that takes place in the area. The Iron Assembly has stationed a permanent brigade of officers in the area, in an attempt to control the market’s more nefarious locals. Many of the merchants remain at odds with the brigade, arguing that their presence deters the presence of some of their more wealthy clientele.

— Excerpt taken from the Metrix lore on